Standard Features

Dispatch, Brokerage, Truck miles, Accounting, Chassis auditing, Scanning, SMS/Email, Customer portal, and more. $15 per driver per month.


With Electronic Data Interchange, we set up the system to download the shipper's EDI file and use the file to update the system
(Add-on module)

Accounting Integration

Seamlessly integrates with major accounting software such as QuickBooks and comes equipped with built-in accounting features.
(Part of standard features)


Drivers can access their trips on their phones to complete each leg, upload documents, and receive digital signatures.
(Part of standard features)

Document Scanning

Store relevant documents for corresponding loads online. The scanned documents are available instanantly along with the load.
(Part of standard features)

Chassis Auditing

Chassis bill auditing will identify billing errors (such as duplicate billing), match rental to shipments, and do per-diem invoicing.
(Part of standard features)

ELD Integration

Connects to your ELD service provider and retrieves the truck location, providing your customers with real-time visibility of their shipment.
(Add-on module)

Track & Trace

Connects to port and rail sites, retrieves container availability status, ETAs, Holds, LFDs, TIRs consolidating all container statuses within your system.
(Add-on module)

Customer Portal

Offer a portal for your customers to access their loads and invoices. This portal enables them to view the real-time status of their loads, add comments, make containers available for pickup, and check for overdue invoices.
(Part of standard features)

Yard Inventory

Manage yard Gate In/Gate Out activity, track yard inventory, track storage charges and run yard inventory reports.
(Add-on module)

B2B Payment

Create ACH file from Excel to pay/receive payment
(Part of standard features)

PDF Reader

System can read PDF Delivery order and create loads
(Part of standard features)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee. Just a simple low monthly payment after your free trial

Is there a contract to sign?

There is no contract. You can terminate anytime by writing to us. This way, we earn your business every day knowing fully well that you have the ability to terminate the service anytime.

How can I get my data if I terminate the service?

We can give your data in Excel files. Also, the system has the feature to export your data with a click of a button

Can Freight Brokers use your software?

Yes, several of our customers are freight brokers or truckers with brokerage / drayage operations. Some of our brokerage customers are BTB Logistics, Freight Lane Solutions, Infinity Global Express

Do you do customization?

Yes, we customize the system for our drayage customers as well as truckload carriers

How safe is my data?

Your data is very secure. We perform daily backups, replicating to a standby site. We also provide your data whenever you need.

Where is my data hosted?

Hosted on cloud servers on the East, West, and in the Midwest, data is at the location closest to your business, for fast access

Does the software handle truckload / flatbed operations?

Yes, the software can handle Flatbed, Truckload (Dry Van), Bulk and Specialized operations. Some of our OTR customers are: NWI Transport,V&L Produce, AXIS

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Customer Testimonials

Haven't Looked Back

TMSEZ has completely changed the internal operation within my company. Its has simplified the process for me and my employees. Its a simple process from the load entry to invoicing. Anita will pretty much customize it to your needs. Haven't looked back since I signed up.. Plus how can you beat the price.

Matt Carroll, Carrol Trucking, Inc


TMSEZ has completely changed the outlook of my business. It has allowed me to manage work load data more efficiently and effectively. The streamlined approach from order creation to billing is a game changer! I highly recommend TMSEZ to any size full service drayage carrier.


Great software. It's very easy to use and manage to work on a day to day basis.

Amazing to keep everything up to date. Very easy to use, information does not go missing and the software does not slow down at all. Also, the availability of the support team to customize certain things in the software if needed depending on your business flow.

Dina H. US1 Intermodal LLC.

A Review on Loadmatch.com

Easy to use (my 12yr old Son could use it) • Data inquiries are simple and flexible for the user • Easily create IFTA fuel tax reports • Import fuel card transactions • Easily manage expiration dates on both truck & driver (DQF checklist under imaging for each driver) • Equipment tracking (container & chassis) is easy to use • Invoicing is snap • Export A/R data to a variety of accounting software • Settlements are simple • Document imaging is easy to use and offers upload/scan direct

Easy to use Trucking Software for your Drayage, Intermodal and Truckload (OTR) operations with Zero upfront payment.